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Are you able to lend a hand for our show?
Pendragon Stud Equestrian Center (PSEC) is hosting their Beginner Event and Combined Test for the 20th straight year on June 9th. We are asking for volunteers to help in the following areas to make our 20th Anniversary show a big success. If you can help on, before or after the show, please call Michelle at 805.478.3896. We really appreciate your help and couldn’t do it without you!
All times are approximate.
Safety Coordinator: POSITION FILLED
Competitor Sign-in (7:30am-1:00pm): POSITION FILLED
Scoring Team (9am - end of show):
 Scorer #1 & Scoreboard Scribe: POSITION FILLED
 Scoring Assistant:
Parking Steward (7:30 am - 1pm): POSITION FILLED
Awards Table (8am-3:30pm): 
Food Committee:
Secretary Assistant: POSITION FILLED
Before and after show help - set up and take down dressage arena, awnings, tents, scoreboard, signs, flags, x-c course, s/j course/flags, empty trash, etc
Dressage (8:30am to end of th is phase)
 Steward - get volunteers f/ dressage, set up arenas, set out outdoor clock
 Dressage Scribe:
Show Jumping (10:00am to end of this phase)
 Steward (& presenter of awards):
 Show Jumping Judge:
 Show Jumping Scribe:
 Show Jumping Starter/Timer #1:
 Show Jumping Starter/Timer #2:
 Show Jumping Gate/Ring:
 Show Jumping Warm-up:
 Jump Crew (day of show):
 S/J Score Sheets Courier:
X-C (briefing @ 12:15pm; judging 1:30 - 3:30pm)
 Steward/Chief Jump Judge: - get volunteers f/ x-c, set out flags and numbers
 X-C Jump Judge #1:
 X-C Jump Judge #2:
 X-C Jump Judge #3:
 X-C Jump Judge #4:
 X-C Jump Judge #5:
 X-C pinney recovery (at end of each x-c ride)
 X-C courier: 
 X-C Warm-up (1:00 - 3:30):
X-C Chief Starter/Timer & Timer #1: (1:30 - 3:30pm)
 check stop watches
 set up start/finish box
 time during x-c
 get assistant Starter/Timer #2 & Timer’s Scribe:
Awards Chair:
 solicit awards
 set up awards tent
Hospitality Chair:
 solicit volunteer gifts
 set up judges’ baskets
Program Chair:
 sell ads
Trade Show/Activities Chair:
 get trade show participants (max 8)
 kids’ activities area set up

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