2018 Calendar of Upcoming Events

Below are the events, shows, etc. that PSEC may be going to. Those with ** are PSEC events; those with * will be held at PSEC but put on by another group (ex. Pony Club).

7th Round Top HT
7th - 8th Powder Basin HT (WY)
9th Beginners' Day Camp @ PSEC **
14th - 15th SFDA Dressage (NM)
18th - 22nd Rebecca HT (MT)
28th - 29th Autumn Hill Dressage
30th - August 1st Adult Day Camp @ PSEC *

1st - 2nd USPC C2 Regional Testing
3rd - 5th USPC C3 & B National Testing (tent.)

20th Beginners' Day Camp @ PSEC **

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