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June 10th PSEC BE & CT

THANK YOU to all who helped our Beginner Event and Combined Test on June 10th be a success - competitors and volunteers! We had a nice turnout and the weather (mostly) cooperated. We had a new dressage judge (to us) this year and we feel she did a wonderful job. And how can you do better than having a 4* rider judge show jumping? Below are PSEC client’s placings. We appreciate each and every one of you.

Emma S. and Gracy won the coveted Mystical Magic award. Melinda and Fire were Reserve Champions.

CT Training/Novice
   Sophie & Obie 1st
   Noa & Murphy 2nd

   Melinda & Fire 3rd
   Chandler & Jayden 1st

BE Intro A
   Emma S & Gracy 1st
   Lisa & Fate 2nd
   Ingrid & Berklee 3rd

   Melinda & Money Cat 5th

Dressage Only
   Jill & Deanie 1st
   Emma C & Rain 2nd
   Emma C & Denver 3rd
   Brooke & Murphy 4th
   Madeline &Edie 5th
   Kristi & Mattie 6th

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