DECEMBER 14th, 2017 MSEA Fall meeting via conference call

Summary of Key Items of November 16th Conference Call Meeting (read down for next meeting info)

MSEA will hold 4 education webinars in 2018 

    o   Jan, Feb, Mar and April

    o   Each club will host one of the webinars (CCC will host 2)

MSEA will publish an Omnibus in 2018 to be mailed no later than Mar 1

    o   An editor has been hired for the position and will be in contact with organizers, barns, trainers and

         any previous advertisers.  If you would like to advertise let us know! 

MSEA will share a banquet and awards night with CCC on Jan 20, 2017 at the Douglas County Fairgrounds

    o   The Area IX clinic that was potentially in conflict has been moved to March. 

MSEA has an open call for nominations for Vice President and Treasurer.  

    o   Please email any nominations to the MSEA Board members (in the to and cc email above) 

MSEA NEXT MEETING Thursday Dec 14 via conference call

    o   Key topics –

         §  MSEA Elections

         §  Finalize Banquet

         §  Discuss Website

         §  Discuss consolidation of Eventing calendar with Area IX

         §  Finalize first and second webinar dates / topics 

 Melinda Hofmeister

MSEA Secretary 
(719) 252-6936